UP will decentralize services from Regional Centers

The services provided by the University of Panama to the different Regional University Centers will be decentralized, while the digitized diplomas, revealed the Secretary General of the institution, Ricardo Parker.

According to Parker, decentralization is currently being developed in the administrative units of the Regional Centers at the national level, with the issuance and printing service of some certifications and official credits, for the benefit of students anywhere in the country.

Regarding the digitization of diplomas, Parker stressed that they are working on this project with a view to achieving savings in the preparation of diplomas, and cutting delivery times, in addition, he said that they will have the participation of companies to achieve the objective traced.

“By implementing these modernization services, students will receive their degree electronically, with which there will be no additional cost and the prices that have been handled to date are maintained,” Parker summarized.

He pointed out that the numbers of graduates that the University has had have been increasing.
“In 2018, 8,900 students obtained their degree, while in 2019, close to 9,000. In 2020, due to the effect of the pandemic, only 2,200 diplomas could be delivered; in 2021, 7,700 diplomas and in 2022 11,000 were delivered, among them the 300,000 diploma, this being a significant contribution that the institution provides to the country”.

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