Unknown people leave more than 100 kilos of cocaine in a minibus in Río San Juan

Unknown people leave more than 100 kilos of cocaine in a minibus in Río San Juan

The Nicaraguan National Police reported this Monday that they seized 100.65 kilos of cocaine, valued at 2.5 million dollars, in the municipality of El Castillo, department of Río San Juan, bordering Costa Rica, and that they did not arrest the two suspects linked to stash.

The shipment of cocaine was found last Friday morning inside a minibus, with a Nicaraguan license plate, to which traffic agents who were at a police checkpoint made the stop sign, the second chief of Judicial Assistance of Nicaragua told journalists. the National Police, Victoriano Ruiz.

“The driver and the passenger, observing the police presence, fled and left the vehicle abandoned,” said the police chief, who did not specify whether the law enforcement officers pursued the suspects or not.

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The suspects managed to escape, but the drug was found inside the minibus inside three bags containing 89 rectangular packages, weighing 100.65 kilos of cocaine, according to the police version.

The police chief said that “the investigations, search and capture of criminals continue.”

The Nicaraguan Police made this seizure as part of the permanent strategy called “Containment Wall”, whose objective is to prevent the circulation of drugs in population centers, with the cooperation of the rest of the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, the United States, Mexico and Russia.

Nicaragua is geographically located in a corridor of high drug trafficking, which is produced in South America and then transferred to North America, where the Mexican cartels mainly operate and the largest consumers reside.

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