University request in Soriano, the second department with the most unemployment in the country

University request in Soriano, the second department with the most unemployment in the country

We remember today, a special day, in which 211 years of the Battle of Las Piedras are commemorated, the first great triumph of the artiguista forces, in the Eastern Revolution.
As National Representative, we once again express our concern about the unemployment rate that exists in the department of Soriano (10.3%), ranking second, in the entire country, after Salto.
The labor market indicators have been surveyed in 2020, being the activity and employment rate (59.8% and 53.9% respectively).

We have been working hard, in a back and forth with Udelar authorities, to bring face-to-face tertiary education closer to the region made up of Colonia and Soriano.
This would result in our young people not having to emigrate from the department to go to study, which means that they later settle in other areas of the country.
Families make a significant effort to send their children to study in Montevideo or other cities. Many times they allocate a large part of their income for this cause, in terms of transportation, accommodation, food, among other things. It would be good if these resources, coming from workers in our department, remain in Soriano, generating the possibility of new sources of qualified work and thus boosting the local economy, helping to reduce the unemployment rate.

Without prejudice to the fact that we consider “Distance and blended education” a good tool, we continue to maintain instances of exchange with the University of the Republic, Shopping Center, Intendancy, other National Representatives of the department, among other actors, in order to achieve, among all, the development of our youth and the region with the installation of tertiary education centers in Soriano.

We also congratulate, in this instance, the mayor Andrés Centurión, for the initiative to also address the issue within the Departmental Board, putting it up for discussion, emphasizing access to tertiary education for our children.
If Soriano manages to retain and prepare its young people, it will be, increasingly, a thriving department, less aged, with

higher birth rate, demographic density and with more social, cultural and economic momentum.

We have heard different business operators refer to the importance of having young and prepared people when choosing an apartment to settle in. Soriano has a great disadvantage in this sense with respect to the capital of the country and even with cities where there are currently offers of tertiary education.

Within the framework of the tertiary educational development project for the South West Region (Colonia-Soriano), the Rector of the University of the Republic, Rodrigo Arim with a degree in Economics, together with members of UDELAR, visited the Department to evaluate the possibility of the installation of an Educational Center that provides Tertiary Careers, an issue on which we continue to work to date.

According to data provided by the University of the Republic, during 2018 a total of 3,380 young people emigrated to study outside the Department, which implies a great effort by thousands of families to provide tertiary education for their children.

We also held meetings with the Dean of the University Institute of the Youth Christian Association (IUACJ) Notary Lionel de Mello to continue advancing in developing strategic alliances and empowering our young people with University Courses in the sports area in the Central South region.

It is also a great dream that our Department be a Reference Center for the preparation of First Level Athletes and also generate job opportunities in that sense.

Of the total Sorian inhabitants, 11.9% of the population between 25 and 65 years of age have tertiary studies, this percentage being higher in women than in men (16.6% and 7% respectively).

We reaffirm our commitment in tertiary education to raise the stimulus for our young students, since according to the study carried out by the Uruguay Territory Observatory and OPP, young people over 25 years of age only reach an average of 8.4 years of study, compared to the capital of the country that has an indicator of 11 average years.

So, we put the issue on the table again, because the important thing is that our young people, from any town in Soriano, have the opportunity to access a tertiary education without having to leave their department and with this walk towards the true progress that we long for. .

We are committed to the decentralization of educational access and equal opportunities for development and growth for our people.

Secretariat of the deputy Martín Melazzi

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