University of Zulia organizes to renew authorities with internal election

Judith Aular, rector of the University of Zulia, foresees that the elections there could be held no later than the first semester of 2024

The rector of the University of Zulia (LUZ), Judith Aular, assured on the afternoon of Thursday, July 13 that in that house of studies they are going to elaborate a work schedule in order to carry out an election in order to renew their authorities.

In an interview granted to Union Radio, Aular considered that the elections at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) represented a “great progress” and that it opens the door to renew the entire rectory body and other authority figures in LUZ; for which a commission of jurists from the Faculty of Legal Sciences has already been appointed by the University Council and to carry out the procedure.

He said that the first thing to do is appoint a new Electoral Commission, since the previous one left office years ago. For this reason, he hopes that on Wednesday there will be a preliminary report to designate this body with a regulation similar to that of the UCV and to be able to hold elections for the first quarter or four-month period, at the latest, of 2024; although that decision does not depend on the rectory but on those in charge of conducting the elections.

«The University Council has already approved a commission of jurists from the Faculty of Legal Sciences, to elaborate the procedure that we are going to carry out for the LUZ elections. Next Wednesday we would already have the report of the commission and we would enter to name the electoral commission, “he explained.

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Despite this, he believes that the University of Zulia should use the same transitory regulations that were applied at the UCV, which would be rolling until the new authorities are named.

Aular asserted that he has been working for LUZ for 49 years and that is why he believes that it is “advisable” to carry out this renewal, which has been paralyzed since 2012. “This is an opportunity.” Like the UCV, all the members of the university community would vote.

The Electoral Commission of LUZ, according to the rector, must decide whether or not it has support from the CNE but believes that the hybrid system of the Central works perfectly for that house of studies in Zulia.

The candidate for rector of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Víctor Rago, imposed the past friday june 30 his rival Humberto Rojas, in the second round elections to elect the new authorities of that house of studies. The preliminary results were announced at dawn on Saturday, July 1, through the website of the UCV Electoral Commission.

This would be the third autonomous university that would hold elections within its campus, since after what happened at the UCV, the University of Carabobo said that it would also carry them out.

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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