University of Tarija dismisses the teacher who insulted her students in virtual classes

University of Tarija dismisses the teacher who insulted her students in virtual classes

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The Juan Misael Saracho Autonomous University (Uajms) decided to dismiss and suspend teacher María Guadalupe Arandia for four years, who in July of last year was recorded insulting her students in a virtual class.

“One of the points of the decisive vote has been the dismissal of the teacher for four years, without salary, in addition to losing the character of regular teacher,” the member of the Optional Court who saw the case of Arandia, Yamil Franco.

In the middle of last year, an audio record in which the voice of the university professor is heard went viral on social networks. In her audio, you can hear her discriminate and hurl insults at her students.

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“Machos to take out later on social networks, don’t you see? They don’t do anything else, lazy, shameless, their mother feeds them in her bed. And if they don’t, go out and do things the way they should be,” he said. He hears him say in one of the released recordings.

Asked if the teacher Arandia can appeal the decision, Franco said yes, to the Optional Court, and that instance will refer the case to the Appeals Commission, made up of the Honorable University Council (HCU).

“It is very likely that there will be an appeal, then the final sanction will be taken by the Appeals Commission, that is what I can report so far, because the process is still going on,” Franco told the Tarijeño media.

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After learning of the case, the teacher apologized to her students. She told them that she received many attacks on Facebook, so she asked the social network for a list of those profiles.

“It may be that I am to blame, it may be. I have the good thing that I always recognize what I do, although on social networks they have put barbarities on me. They have even called me a daughter of p…. We know who they are because I have made my complaint to the Facebook and they are going to send me the report and, of course, they are false profiles”, the teacher was heard saying in another audio.

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