University of Greater Caracas graduates more than 900 new professionals

In an act held at the Theater of the Bolivarian Military Academy of Venezuela, located in Fuerte Tiuna, the National Experimental University of Greater Caracas (Unexca), a total of 989 new professionals graduated in the careers of Administration, Information Technology, Public Accounting, Social Work, Distribution and Logistics, Tourism, Initial Education.

In addition to 28 specialists in the mentions of Human Talent Management in Organizations and Audit of Financial Information Technology and Data Security, as well as the Sucre Mission in the Capital District and Miranda state.

During the event, the rector of Unexca, Rubén Reinoso, highlighted the achievement made by each of the graduates and stressed that this promotion has the particularity of having started during the COVID-19 pandemic, for which reason new study methodologies were applied to guarantee the right to study.

He stressed in his speech that the professionals who graduate from Unexca are due to the development of a public ethic that guarantees the growth of the Venezuelan homeland.

The event included the graduates of the Altagracia, La Floresta and Urbina nuclei, a demonstration that they are united as a single university.

The act also had the participation of the authorities of this house of studies, among which are the vice rectors: Academic, Haydee Corova; from Production and Commune, Bonny Gómez and from Research and Graduate Studies, Nelson Hurtado; as well as the secretary, Gamal El Attrache.

Source: Unexca Press


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