University of Antioquia will define food labeling

University of Antioquia will define food labeling

The food industry hopes that the study by the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the University of Antioquia, on the labeling that processed foods must carry in Colombiatake into account the studies carried out on the matter, in such a way that its conclusions do not have any bias.

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This was warned by Camilo Montes, executive director of the Andi Food Chamber, pointing out the expectations of the sector regarding the ongoing study and insisting that the industry has been concerned to comply with Resolution 810, which is the one that establishes the use of front labeling in a transition period of 18 months until December 16 of this year.

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At the end of last week, the Ministry of Health announced the contracting of the University of Antioquia to study “the best scientific evidence available and free of conflict of interest” and, according to the conclusions, move forward with the regulation of Law 2120 , particularly as it relates to labeling.

While the industry has started to use front labeling, other sectors have said that what suits the consumer is hexagonal labelling.

In the opinion of Camilo Montes, “the work that has been carried out so far revolves around the consumer since the law provides that the information must be clear, truthful, timely, visible and sufficient, and today with Law 2120 on Healthy Environments and Resolution 810 and its circular warning stamps, the expansion of the nutritional table, the positive stamp and the updating of nutritional declarations, Colombia has the most up-to-date regulatory framework in the region.


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