Unions express willingness to work with the new government

Unions express willingness to work with the new government

With the unanimous willingness to work with the new Government on an economic and social agenda that contributes to the country and in which respect for free enterprise and individual rights prevails, the production unions and businessmen received the election of Gustavo Petro as new president of Colombians from next August 7.

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Since the votes showed the candidate of the Historical Pact As the winner of the electoral contest, different representatives of the private sector expressed their congratulations and raised their expectations.

The National Trade Council He stated that “we are ready to work together for a stable, inclusive and responsible Colombia, which guarantees democratic rights, individual, collective and economic freedoms, the exercise of free enterprise, legal security and respect for institutions.”

He recalled that the country has challenges in issues such as the fight against poverty, inequality, and corruption. He invited Petro to join a joint agenda that looks for the union and the development.

In addition to the statement of the Union Council, the president of Andi, Bruce Mac Master, pointed out that “it will be everyone’s task, but especially that of the President as leader of the nation, to build bridges, build bridges, build environments for dialogue and conversation.”

Entrepreneurs, for our part, will continue to fulfill our social function of producing, generating employment, alternatives for Colombians and, of course, we will continue to contribute to the nation. For this it will be very important that there is a total reestablishment of trust between all. Let there be confidence for businessmen, citizens, investors, in compliance with the law and respect for the Constitution”, he added.

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Jorge Enrique Bedoya, president of the Society of Farmers of Colombia, SAC, consulted by Portafolio, invited the President andready to work with its 22 guilds members “from now to August 7 and onwards because the problems of agriculture do not wait.”

“It is important that the new ruler governs, not only for those who voted for him, but for all Colombians and, in particular for our sector, so that there is profitable food production and access to food for the most vulnerable. guaranteed and, of course, the SAC will be there to work with the National Government, if the new government has it right”.

For its part, the National Federation of Coffee Growers said that “today the president-elect knows Colombia and we know that he will know how to work hand in hand with the coffee sector, a sector with history, results, an example of union and democracy.”

From exporters, the president of Analdex, Javier Díaz, expressed that “the vote shows that the country is divided and it is necessary to unify the country and one would expect his government to start there. I think it is also appropriate to wait for the appointments of the economic team and the cabinet to see where his government is going to go, what he said during the campaign is going to materialize, how the Development Plan is going to work.

In his turn, he President of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal He pointed out that “traders are ready to join forces, dialogue and agree on the political, economic and social that the country needs. In the next four years, Fenalco will play a proactive role in the construction of a better political, economic and social scenario for Colombia; but also in the defense of democracy and business values ​​of freedoms and clear rules of the game”.

Asobancaria ruled on the decision of the Colombians. “This is a transcendental democratic decision that summons us, all social, political and economic sectors, to seek agreements to build the country we want.” The union added: “we express to the president-elect our willingness to maintain an open dialogue and contribute, independently, in the construction of economic and social policies.”

Allies, the alliance of 35 associations and guilds from various sectors ofand the economy, which represent 7,500 companies and generate more than 4 million jobs, expressed that “we are ready to participate in the process of national unity, working together to strengthen the economy, generate employment, strengthen democracy and reduce the gap Social”.

Camacol, for his part, recalled that “business action has been a fundamental axis of social, economic and regional development in Colombia and the construction of public-private trust must continue to be the engine of social progress and development in Colombia. From our sector, we are ready to end the housing deficit, build the best housing, the best city and the best habitat for the 1.6 million homes that are going to be formed in the next four years in our country”.

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In his turn, the businessman Mario Hernández, who showed himself throughout the political campaign that ended as an opponent of the leader of the Historical Pact, said that “Gustavo Petro had the opportunity to demonstrate to 50% of Colombians and to me of that we were wrong. How? Building a better country. If it is for the good of Colombia, I will always agree”.

Constanza Gomez Guasca

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