Unions ask to stop insecurity and violence

Unions ask to stop insecurity and violence

The Union of Unions of Paraguay (UIP) through a statement spoke out in the face of the wave of insecurity that is registered in the country and urge not to forget the unsolved kidnappings after two years of the captivity of former Vice President Oscar Denis.

The note indicates that they regret the new episode of violence against journalist Humberto Coronel in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, in which he was the fatal victim of a criminal attack.

“We strongly reject violence as a means of intimidating freedom of the press, this being the main tool for building democratic institutions that provides security to citizens and allows coexistence,” he says.

He adds that they do not forget the other similar events that remain unsolved, both in the recent publicly known murders and in other kidnapping cases, such as those of Edelio Morínigo and Félix Urbieta.

«The meager results in the fight against these criminal scourges generate a feeling of insecurity and loss of control by the State. If the lack of order and justice persists, we will have liberated zones, unviable for coexistence and development, and conducive to incubating even more criminal activities and marginal gangs”, they highlight.

They ask the authorities to redouble the effort to combat these criminal acts, as well as a quick and thorough investigation of the murder of Humberto Coronel, the exemplary punishment of the material and intellectual authors of this unfortunate act and the clarification and conviction of those responsible for all the other facts that remain unpunished.

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