Union rejected project that contributes US$ 12 million to reconvert the dairy industry

Union rejected project that contributes US$ 12 million to reconvert the dairy industry

The associated unions in the Federation of Dairy Workers (FTIL) rejected “because of its form and content” the draft of the Dairy Industries Conversion Fund (FRIL)“if the proposals of the producers and workers are not taken into account,” he reported in a statement.

The workers claimed to be part of the discussion of the industry’s structural problems.

the billwhich was recently sent by the Executive Branch to Parliament, considers a investment of US$ 12 million to support the productive transformation of dairy industries who have financial problems that compromise their management.

In the exposition of reasons for the project, it is highlighted that the dairy industries, mainly those dedicated to cheese production, face an adverse situation, in addition to the fact that several medium-sized companies have structural problems that “they have been carrying for several years.”

“The executive branch is wrong”

The FTIL expressed in its statement that “neither today nor ever” it will oppose the existence of “funds for the development of the industry.” But he added: “we believe that this is not the way, that the Executive Power is wrong in form and content.”

The unionized workers considered that if this project goes ahead a scenario of “controversy and confrontation” will be generated in which the structural issues of the sector will not be addressed.

Two forms of action are proposed in the bill: subsidies for compensation of indirect taxes for smaller-scale industries and loans for projects to improve competitiveness.

Those who will be able to benefit from this project will be the smaller-scale companies in the dairy industry. In the case of loans, those firms that do not have access to bank financing will have preference.

The members of the FTIL maintained that if the project were approved “it would be enabling companies, after receiving millions in dollars, to apply unilaterally and untimely, restructuring, which end up being the pretext to fire workers and in many cases apply a policy of anti-union persecution“.

Finally, they indicated that they will remain alert and expect what happens in Parliament with the discussion of this bill, and assured that they do not rule out taking measures.

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