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Union leaders from 7 regions agree to restart the strike and demand early elections in 2023

Union leaders from 7 regions agree to restart the strike and demand early elections in 2023

The union leaders and organizations from seven regions agreed to restart the strike on January 4, as protest measure to demand the closing of the Congress and the early elections in 2023. According to the minutes obtained by La República, the representatives of the south of the country also announced new measures to fight to achieve their goal.

Also noteworthy among the agreements is the convocation of a constituent assembly, the resignation of Dina Boluarte of the Government for the 28 deceased, as well as the exit from Pedro Castillowho is in preventive detention for 18 months in the Barbadillo prison.

In this line, the leaders specified that “the macro-regional coordinator of the south will be formed with representatives of Puno, Cusco, Apurímac, Moquegua, Madre de Dios, Ayacucho and Arequipa.”

They also stated that “it will be coordinated with the regional fronts that wish to form a fighting committee for each province.” In the same way, they warned that they will call “the march of the four of them at a near date.”

Finally, they stated that the second macro-regional meeting of the south in the province of Andahuaylas will be approved.

Position of the Executive Power

The Executive Branch announced the installation of a multisectoral commission in charge of analyzing the situation of the 28 deceased (22 due to repression and 6 due to blockades or accidents in the context of the strikes) and the allocation of economic support.

The Minister of Justice, José Tello, announced that “the Government will provide financial solidarity support for the relatives of those who died during the protests.” He explained that the measure goes hand in hand with a proper investigation and determination of responsibility.

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