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Unión Eléctrica reports massive blackout in Havana: “The causes are being investigated”

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban Electric Union (UNE) reported tonight about a massive blackout in most of the municipalities of Havana, which would not be related to the energy crisis that the Island is going through.

“It is reported that a large part of the affected municipalities in Havana are without electricity, the causes are being investigated, once it is known it will be announced,” the state entity said on social networks.

According to the UNE, “this affectation of the electrical service has nothing to do with the energy deficit and the scheduled blackouts.”

Users in the social network Twitter They report service cuts in municipalities such as Guanabacoa, Diez de Octubre, Playa, Cerro, Centro Habana and Habana Vieja, the latter territory where the underground electric power system would also have been interrupted.

On Facebook, as a result of the numerous criticisms received, the Electric Union limited the interaction with users in the publication.


In several municipalities of Havana and in territories of other provinces of the country, interruptions of the electrical service were also registered in the morning and afternoon hours of today.

For the peak hours of this Thursday, the UNE had forecast an availability of 2,210 megawatts (MW) of generation and a maximum demand of 3,080 MW. In this sense, the entity foresaw a deficit of 870 MW in the hours of greatest consumption and a maximum affectation of 940 MW.

At the close of this note, Unión Eléctrica confirmed in social networks that the massive blackout in the capital was the consequence of a breakdown that affected several substations that feed the city.

“The affectation that occurred as of 9:19 pm in Havana, which caused this blackout in a large part of most of the municipalities, was due to a breakdown in the 110 kilowatt (kV) overhead lines, which affected several substations. that feed an important part of the city.

The company assured that the 110 kV loop in Havana was already energized and that the electrical service was being restored throughout the city.

Unión Eléctrica reports massive blackout in Havana: “The causes are being investigated”

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