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Unión Eléctrica does not foresee blackouts on election Sunday in Cuba


The Cuban Electric Union (UNE) does not foresee blackouts on the island this Sunday, a day marked by the elections for deputies of the National Assembly.

According to the entity, at 07:00 in the morning, the official opening time of the polling stations, the National Electric System (SEN) had a reserve of 950 MW, while throughout the day, coinciding with the votes, neither are affectations foreseen due to deficit in generation capacity.

Meanwhile, at the night peak, the estimated availability is 2,920 MW, compared to a maximum demand of 2,600 MW, for a reserve of 320 MW.

For this reason, the UNE does not forecast affectations to the service “if the foreseen conditions are maintained”.

According to official information, this Sunday unit 1 of the Santa Cruz Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE), unit 2 of the CTE Felton and unit 5 of the CTE Renté are out of service due to a breakdown.

At the same time, the unit of CTE Guiteras, unit 4 of CTE Cienfuegos and units 4 and 6 of CTE Renté continue under maintenance.

The limitations in thermal generation amount to 290 MW, while in distributed generation “785 MW are unavailable due to failure and 122 MW are under maintenance,” the report added.

This Sunday, 8.1 million citizens in Cuba are summoned to vote, in elections to elect the 470 deputies of the tenth legislature of the National Assembly.

More than 23 thousand schools will work on this day in the country. According to the electoral authorities, everything was “ready” for the process, which must end at 6:00 PM, although —as has happened in the most recent votes— this time could be extended in certain polling stations and territories.

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