Unemployment in Cusco: "There is still distrust in our population," says regional governor

Unemployment in Cusco: “There is still distrust in our population,” says regional governor

The regional governor of Cusco, Jean Paul Benavente García, welcomed this Tuesday the creation of the technical dialogue table for the development of the department of Cusco, the same one that was made official today by ministerial resolution; however, he admitted that there is still distrust in the population in reference to a sector that is celebrating the second day of the strike, and that continues to block roads.

In dialogue with RPP, Benavente said that he hopes that this technical table, as well as the Decentralized Council of Ministers that will be held this Friday in his region, will contribute to achieving concrete measures in response to the demands of different Cusco unions.

The regional authority recognized that there is a general distrust in the Cusco population in the face of previously assumed commitments, for which results are now demanded and that it be articulated with social organizations.

Unfortunately, there is still distrust in our population due to the fact that commitments that had been worked on for a long time in dialogue tables that were unsuccessful have not materialized.“, he pointed.

Asked what problem is pending solution, the authority pointed out that there are immediate-term issues and others that are much more complex, such as health and education.

He mentioned that the agrarian issue is fundamental and gave as an example the situation of the coca growers of Valle de La Convencion and small family farming, which “they have not had results in different dialogue tables”.

Other demands that await attention come from the tourism and transport sector, as well as the energy issue. In this regard, he indicated that little progress has been made in the possibility of reviving the southern gas pipeline, which, he emphasized, is a request from his region and the south of the country to achieve energy security and independence.

At another time, Benavente, who chairs the National Assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR), recalled that the regions have proposed a political pact in the country within the framework of the National Agreement (AN).

For this reason, he called on the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, to convene the AN forum, to discuss certain reforms that are immediate, a broad-based ministerial cabinet, economic reactivation, among other points.

“The road goes that way, including convening the presidency of Congress, so that once and for all we can generate a political pact,” he stressed.

technical table

The Government made official on Tuesday the creation of the technical dialogue table for the development of the Cusco region, an instance that will be dependent on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM).

This working group has 180 working days, that is, until September, to make proposals in response to the demands of the population. It will be made up of representatives of ministries, the regional government of Cusco and leaders of various unions.


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