Undersecretary of the Interior announces that the Government will seek to provide investigative techniques to the police and the Public Ministry against organized crime

Undersecretary of the Interior announces that the Government will seek to provide investigative techniques to the police and the Public Ministry against organized crime

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalveannounced this day that the government will introduce a substitutive indication in Congress next week that seeks to provide the State, the police and the Public Ministry with better investigation techniques for the persecution and dismantling of organized crime.

It should be noted that Monsalve moved to the province of Arauco, Biobío region, to head the emergency police committee at the express request of the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Sichesdue to the attacks that have been registered in the area during the last 48 hours.

“We want to reiterate our most absolute rejection of acts of violence, arson attacks, threats and the use of violence as a mechanism of pressure,” Monsalve said after the meeting.

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The authority indicated Third that “the main problem behind acts of crimes of this nature is the presence of organized crime. And the debate that the State has to give and the capacities that the State has to strengthen are its capacities to identify and dismantle the criminal organizations that They are behind the theft of wood, behind drug trafficking, behind vehicle theft, which is what happens in this area and other places”.

Due to what is happening in the area, Monsalve reported that several measures were taken at the meeting: “One of the agreements that has been made today is to create a coordination table between the government, PDI, Carabineros and the Prosecutor’s Office, because here what is to strengthen are the capacities of criminal prosecution”.

Along these lines, he specified that “we have informed here that the government, through the Ministry of the Interior, is going to present a substitute indication to something that seems very important to us. The definition of an illegal organization dates back to 1874, the persecution of criminal organizations is is doing based on a criminal figure from 1874. Here the special investigative techniques that are used, for example, in the prosecution of crimes related to drug trafficking, such as undercover agents, revealing agents, controlled deliveries, have to be investigative techniques that can be applied not to specific crimes, but to the persecution of criminal organizations”.

Given this, he complemented that during the next week the Government will present “a substitute indication to provide the State, and particularly the Public Ministry and the police with the power to use special techniques in the investigation to persecute, identify and dismantle organized crime.”

Operation Hurricane

The media present told Monsalve that all these measures that he is announcing are already contemplated in the Antiterrorist Law, in addition to the fact that in Operation Hurricane, this type of investigation was criticized at the time.

The response of the undersecretary was: “The question is, in how many cases have the prosecution invoked terrorist crimes? How many people have been convicted of terrorist crimes? None. The Antiterrorist Law as it is is absolutely ineffective and that is why the criminal figures that have been used for the persecution are others, others that should be persecuted under the concept of organized crime and that is what we are looking for.

Monsalve will visit the area again

The authority added that it will return to the area in the coming days, where they plan to adopt new political measures.

“Regarding the political situation in the province of Arauco, we will make decisions and it is clear that we have to strengthen the capacities of the government in the province of Arauco, and there is no doubt that, at least in my case, we will make decisions to that,” he added.

This was due to the fact that the presidential delegate of the Biobío region, Javier Poncewas not present at the meeting.


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