Undersecretary Monsalve and migratory problems in the north: “That is the control that the Government inherited”

Within the framework of his visit to the Colchane commune, Tarapacá region, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, committed to the Armed Forces and police to implement substantial improvements in matters of habitability and surveillance for the officials who work in the posts border observation.

The Undersecretary of State held a meeting with the deputy director of the commune’s Carabineros, Marcelo Araya, as well as with the PDI and the Army to analyze the gaps and weaknesses in border security.

After the meeting, Monsalve told Radio Cooperativa that “we have made two decisions as a government; one is to give basic habitability conditions to the officials of the Carabineros and the Armed Forces who carry out border control functions.”

“The second task is to provide them with technology, it must be said that there are no thermal cameras on the border, nor is there satellite communication. That is the control of the border that the Government inherited,” concluded the Undersecretary of the Interior.

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