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Under arrest a sixth protester from Caimanera

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban regime arrested a sixth person for the popular demonstrations on May 6 in Caimanera, Guantánamo province. This is Freddy Sarquiz González, who was arrested on the 18th of this month and is in the Unit for Crimes against State Security in that province.

The fact was denounced in the last hours to Radio Television Martí by the reporter of Palenque Vision, and resident of the town, Yeris Curbelo.

“This young man only exposed, expressed on the street, in the form of a conversation with the people, the needs, the shortage of food and medicine that there is on the Island at this time,” said Curbelo, who assured that this is seen in videos of the protests.

According to Curbelo, the rest of the detainees are also in the Unit for Crimes against the State Security of Guantánamo: Yandris Pelier Matos, the brothers Felipe Correa Martínez and Luis Miguel Alarcón Martínez, and the brothers Rodi and Daniel Álvarez González.

New charges against protesters

Last week, Yeris Curbelo reported to CubaNet that the five detainees were being prosecuted for the alleged crime of “public disorder”, with Preparatory Phase File number 227-23.

In recent statements to Radio Television Martí, Victoria Martínez Valdivia, mother of Felipe Correa Martínez and Luis Miguel Alarcón Martínez, announced that new crimes have been added to the protesters. This was notified by the case instructor on his last visit to the prison.

“Yandris Pelier is in the same case as Felipe Octavio, they are already complicating it with a resistance. That can’t be a resistor. If they come up on you, to enter you with sticks and blows, as they did, when are you going to resist? When the Black Berets arrived, they came to stick and hit all the boys”, said Victoria Martínez Valdivia.

He also reported that Rodi Álvarez González is also being accused of assault. While Luis Miguel Alarcón and Daniel Álvarez are blamed for “property damage.”

Popular protests in Caimanera

On the night of May 6, hundreds of Guantanamo residents took to the streets due to the lack of food and the precarious conditions of the health system in Cuba.

Internet service was cut by the regime during the protests. After returning the connection, several videos on networks how the military violently repressed the people. Men and women were thrown to the ground and beaten.

Among the numerous organizations and personalities that have pronounced Cubalex, Amnesty International, the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, the singers Aymée Nuviola, Yotuel Romero, Daymé Arocena and the writer Wendy Guerra, among others, stand against the violence of the Castro government and the detention of the demonstrators.

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