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Uñac will be a candidate for governor and criticized the ruling of the Court for co-participation

Uñac will be a candidate for governor and criticized the ruling of the Court for co-participation

Photo: Rubén Paratore

The governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, announced that next year he will again be a candidate for governor of the province and denounced the Buenos Aires government that “intends to keep funds from the interior, overwhelming federalism.”

In a contact with the press, after the presentation of the International Cycling Tour of San Juan at the Civic Center of the provincial capital, Uñac announced his decision to present himself “as a candidate for governor in the next provincial elections on May 14 of the year coming”.

“I took the necessary time to be able to meditate on it, because it is a personal, family decision and for the well-being of the people of San Juan, the present and the future of San Juan,” he indicated and affirmed that the decision “arising from an analysis of what that we have built and what we have to continue doing in the province”.

He also assured that one of his main motivations “is the defense that we have to carry out in front of the things of the people of San Juan”, because “we see that at the moment there are different situations at the national level, which threaten the construction of a serious federalism”. .

In this sense, he pointed against the candidates of Together for Change at the national level, which “leaves aside the development of regional economies, or underestimates the development of mining.”

“No opposition candidate is heard talking about the importance of mining and what it means for the people of San Juan, that it has been a before and after and that it has boosted exports and has made the workplace grow,” he said. .

And he maintained that “we have to put up a tough fight, because now they are also trying to keep funds that are from the interior, overwhelming federalism,” in reference to the Supreme Court ruling on the co-participation of the CABA.

Finally, regarding the constitutional possibilities of being a candidate for a third term, Uñac said that “it will be the people of San Juan who will determine who they want to govern” and for that “we are making an invitation to discuss the models to be developed”. .

He said that “we hope that there are more candidates within the Frente de Todos”, where he identified “the sector of José Luis Gioja, which is very consolidated, which should present an alternative” and that “I think that three lists in the Front would be a reasonable thing”.

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