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UK wants to deport illegal immigrants to Paraguay

The journalistic publication in question points out that the British minister promotes talks with Paraguay as an alternative to Rwanda for the deportation of people who enter the European country illegallywhich are found in more advanced stages.

According to the note, a source told the Daily Express: “We have other ongoing conversations, Paraguay is the most advanced at this time.”

The source further said, “Obviously, Paraguay is a different country with different conditions and a different human rights record. It should be more difficult to challenge flights there.”

When consulted in this regard, the head of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, Hernán Huttemann, denied that our country is negotiating this possibility with the United Kingdom. “That information does not conform to the truth. Paraguay has not advanced in any negotiations in this sense with Great Britain”, she said in an interview with 730 AM.

He did specify that the British government sent a note to more than 150 countries, including ours, in which the situation was exposed, but he made it clear that Paraguay did not advance with any conversation he did not even talk about it with that government.

He assured that he spoke with the Paraguayan diplomats and that they denied that they are currently negotiating.

The entrance UK wants to deport illegal immigrants to Paraguay was first published in diary TODAY.

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