Uicom starts a diploma in political communication

Uicom starts a diploma in political communication

At the International University of Communications (Uicom) the cycle of academic activities began, with the II cohort of the Diploma in Political Communication.

The act was headed by the rector of the Uicom, Tania Díaz, who indicated that this second cohort is oriented towards theoretical-practical knowledge, in order to reaffirm the leading action of communicating, making “that we listen to that people in resilience, learn from that communication that starts from the fact».

Díaz explained about the war and the psychological bombardment to which the Venezuelan people were exposed, highlighting the importance of this course, to counteract all those positions of imperialist communications.

He indicated that: “the residence, solidarity and freedom of democracy” characterize Venezuelans.

The diploma will be held in two cohorts: one that begins on October 24 and a second on November 7. Uicom will be offering short workshops in different areas related to communication.

With this diploma, the preparation of professionals in political communication in the country is expanded.

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