UDI parliamentarians ask President Gabriel Boric to give urgency to a project that seeks not to grant State benefits to secondary parties responsible for burning buses

The head of the bench of the UDI deputies, Jorge Alessandri, referred to the document that was delivered this morning to the Office of Parts of La Moneda. “This letter is sent by the children, therefore we ask the President to also read it” , he indicated.

The letter, addressed to the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, has the purpose of requesting the President to give urgency to the Safe Classroom II project, which seeks that the Government does not deliver State benefits to secondary schools that burn buses and commit disorders.

According to Alessandri, the letter “is sent by children who don’t burn their schools, who don’t burn buses, who don’t attack teachers and directors, who do want to study. It is sent by children from emblematic high schools who see their establishment destroyed, like they burn buses outside and how they destroy their dream of social mobility, of achieving more property for themselves and their families”.

in conversation with Thirdthe parliamentarian of the same party, Flor Weisse, argued that “what we want here is that the State can sanction by not granting benefits to high school students who cause damage to public and private property. Particularly the destruction that we have seen in many of the regions and that then they cannot have benefits to access university education”.

On the other hand, Christian Moreira stated that “what a handful of young people are doing who unfortunately act like real criminals, preventing the vast majority of students from being able to get an education. This measure is to punish those who destroy educational property, because they do a great harm to the rest. We have also seen how they have frightened the teachers of the schools”.

For his part, Juan Antonio Coloma pointed out that “what we want is that a person who is not capable of maintaining a life together, a person who is willing to burn an educational establishment with white overalls, burn a bus, cannot access free university”.

“The question is: why is all of Chile going to have to finance the education of a person who is burning the buses, burning his own establishment, throwing Molotov cocktails at Carabineros? We want to say loud and clear to those people that with With the project that we are presenting, we are looking for these people to know that they will not be able to opt for State benefits,” he added.

Álvaro Carter declared that “education belongs to all Chileans and more importantly, it belongs to young people and children.”

“This project is going to seek that those who are in white overalls and who are not from schools, are infiltrators and are university students, also lose all benefits. Because destroying a bus, a local, is not from a country that wants to be in peace. If the violentists want to continue in this act, our obligation as parliamentarians is to toughen the sentences, “he said.

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