Electoral Commission of the UCV has not resigned its positions

UCV Electoral Commission apologizes and ensures a new process “without difficulties” on #9Jun

Last Friday the 26th, the suspension of the elections for university authorities at the UCV was announced after the failures and delays presented throughout the day. The Electoral Commission of the house of studies requested “sincere and heartfelt apologies” and affirmed that the new event will be held “without difficulties”.

The Electoral Commission of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) published this Sunday, May 28, a statement in which it assumes responsibility for the events that led to the suspension of the process to elect the main authorities of the house of studies.

“We sincerely and heartfeltly apologize to the Central University of Venezuela and to the country, to the community of teachers, students, graduates, administrators, and workers for the decision that we were forced to make, to postpone the electoral process due to the logistical failures that arose and that made the continuation of the election unfeasible,” according to what he indicated. in the statement released on social networks two days after the events.

At 2:30 pm on Friday the 26th, the suspension of the elections was announced. of university authorities at the UCV after the failures and delays presented throughout the day. In reporting the deferral, the president of the Electoral Commission, Carlos Martín, affirmed that the process is already organized and the efforts to replicate it on June 9 “would be minor.” He also pointed out that the problems that arose on the day had to do with the delay in the arrival of the ballots and “wrong paper envelopes.”

The inability to vote for the thousands of people who came to the different faculties of the university caused annoyance, mainly from the student union that marched towards the academic coordination of the Faculty of Medicine, where the University Council was meeting. The angry protests were directed towards the representatives of the Electoral Commission and towards the rector Cecilia Arocha who was demanded her resignation.

In the statement of the Electoral Commission this Sunday, the date for the new electoral event was ratified and it was assured that it would be carried out without inconvenience.

«As a technical body that has carried out innumerable electoral processes at the UCV, our main objective is for the election to take place, without difficulties, on June 9, 2023. and recover the confidence of the community in the exercise of the vote, as a plural manifestation of our society»It indicated.

After the events, the University Council of the UCV asked the Electoral Commission for a report for this Monday, May 29, detailing the irregularities that occurred during the day.

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Rector of the UCV requested a detailed report

The rector Cecilia García-Arocha Márquez issued a statement, through her social networks, in which she recounts the last 14 years in which the university “has faced a series of unprecedented challenges, including attempts to limit its autonomy, the violation of human rights, freedom of thought and political polarization that has profoundly affected our society. Despite these challenges, the Central University of Venezuela has maintained its commitment to the defense of university autonomy and academic freedom.

He explained that “on Friday, May 26, the ucevistas turned out en masse from early hours to exercise their vote in the midst of a true electoral environment, a faithful reflection of the democratic character of our community. Event that was postponed by provision of the Electoral Commission. Those that generated a situation of complex magnitude. As president of the University Council, we request the president of the Electoral Commission, Prof. Carlos Martin and other members, to present a detailed report to the University Council to be held on Monday, May 29, 2023, of what happened during the electoral process.”

He took the opportunity to make a call “for peace, unity, the defense of democracy and university autonomy, the university community deserves it and it is our duty as ucevistas”.

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