U20 Women's World Cup: Colombia added against Mexico and remains leader

U20 Women’s World Cup: Colombia added against Mexico and remains leader

Mexico and Colombia they were measured for the second date U20 Women’s World Cup, which ended with equal options leaving a result of 0-0 at the end of the match.

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It was a duel with more options for the tricolor. Colombia was quite incisive from the beginning of the match, the coffee growers took control of the actions, but they could not define against Celeste Thornthe Aztec gatekeeper.

Gabriela Rodriguez It was one of the most sought after from the first minute. About minute 27, the one from América de Cali had a clear opportunity to open the scoring, but she couldn’t hit the ball with enough force to open the scoring.

The capacity of Linda Caycedo was also present on the stage of the capital of Costa Rica. The Deportivo Cali player made great displays of speed down the right wing of the field. However, she did not find the company to generate higher risk plays.

For the coffee team it was a good first half. The Colombians had a greater control of the commitment and did not let the Mexicans make many dangerous plays on the goal. Natalie Giraldo.

In the second half, Colombia jumped onto the pitch in search of the result. The players of the national team had the best options to open the scoring, but they could not finish in the last quarter of the field.

Gisella Robledo and Linda Caicedo were once again looking for possibilities to beat goalkeeper Espino. However, the Mexicans also had an improvement at the end of the match, but they found the figure of the Colombian goalkeeper.

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With the final result 0-0, Colombia reached four points and is still the leader of its group. The Mexicans stayed with 2 units, while Germany adds 3 and New Zealand is last with one point.

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