U-12 baseball team to improve their performance ahead of the World Cup in Taiwan

Angel Valdes | May 29, 2023

Press. Fedebeis. Panama fulfilled the objective of qualifying for the U12 World Cup and is now aiming for the 2023 World Cup in Taiwan and for this it will seek better preparation and make adjustments that will put it among the best teams in the world in this category.

“We thank Benicio Robinson, President of the Panamanian Baseball Federation for the support given to the team, we fulfilled what we came to take the team to the World Cup, we have to make some adjustments, that is logical, but we are proud of these guys who came to fight, war and seek that place in the World Cup,” said Elpidio Pinto, the manager of the national team.

Panama lost its match for the bronze medal against Mexico this afternoon, by a score of 25-5 and was officially placed fourth and with a ticket to the World Cup in Taiwan that will be played between July 28 and August 6 of this same year. anus.

Panama scored 1 run in the first, 2 in the third and 2 in the fourth to close production with 5 hits and 4 errors. Mexico made 21 annotations, 12 hits and 0 errors. Alfonso Del Valle wins the match and Javier Acevedo loses.

Pinto explained that Panama must make some adjustments mainly in the defensive part, which will give the team a better presence and more security in the U12 World Cup matches.

Panama will be resuming training in a few days, after a week off, to go out and look for its best performance for the U12 World Cup. “We are going to call a pre-selection again, some names are going to be integrated, we are going to correct some flaws and try to polish the team that will go to the World Cup much more,” Pinto said.

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