10-year-old girl dies after being shot

Two workers from the Car Market were murdered

Two workers from the Mercado Mayor de Coche were murdered between Thursday and Monday, according to family versions.

One of the deceased is Enmanuel José Calderón (31), who was shot last Thursday in the external areas of the University Clinical Hospital, a situation that caused his death while being treated at that health center.

Enmanuel had gone to the Clinic to visit his brother Leonel Calderón (26), who had been wounded by a firearm that same Thursday in the Mercado de Coche, where he worked selling fruit.

The other worker from that market who was killed is identified as Yeison José Pereira, 28 years old. He was a tomato seller.

Last Monday, Pereira left the market premises to buy lunch. From there no more was heard from him until this Wednesday when his relatives located him in the Bello Monte morgue.

The corpse was located in the Las Veguitas sector, La Vega parish, Caracas, from where it was taken to the forensic medicine.

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