Two Venezuelans are tortured and murdered in Bogotá

Two Venezuelans are tortured and murdered in Bogotá

The lifeless bodies of two Venezuelans, approximately 25 and 30 years old, were found wrapped in canvas and abandoned in a recycling area in the town of Kennedy, in the Los Almendros neighborhood in southern Bogotá, Colombia.

The bodies of the Venezuelans were found in a wheelbarrow with signs of violence. Apparently they were attacked with knives and firearms.

“The bodies were found on the edge of the Bella Vista neighborhood. They were found on a cart, they are not dismembered, but they do show signs of violence by firearms and knives. We know that they are two foreign citizens,” Major Luis Acosta, Kennedy Police Commander, told Semana magazine.

Colombian media indicate that the fact was discovered when members of a Colombian police patrol were passing through the place and were warned by a woman resident of the sector that blood was dripping from a cart.

The authorities manage to specify that the victims are Venezuelan, because one of them carries a document and the wife of the other Venezuelan shows up at the scene and identifies him.

“We are going to work with all our Judicial Police and intelligence units, in coordination with the Prosecutor’s Office, to identify who were the people who caused the death of these two people,” Major Acosta told the newspaper El Tiempo.

With these two bodies found this Wednesday, May 11, the number of lifeless bodies that have been abandoned in the public space of Bogotá between April and May rises to 13.

In recent weeks, the authorities have reported 11 abandoned bodies in the towns of Santa Fe, Los Mártires, San Cristóbal, Usme, Engativá, Kennedy and Teusaquillo, indicates the Semana report.

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