Two Venezuelan migrants die in a traffic accident in Argentina

Two Venezuelan migrants die in a traffic accident in Argentina

Venezuelans Juan Márquez, 25 years old, and Yeinsmar Márquez, 15 years old, died in a multiple traffic accident in Argentina caused by a drunk driver who was speeding at more than 150 km per hour and lost control of the vehicle, generating a tragic chain crash.

The event that also leaves nine people injured occurred last Sunday, between 9:15 p.m. and 9:25 p.m. on Libertador and Ortega y Gasset avenues, in front of the Palace Luxury Outlet entrance, on the Hippodrome grounds, the newspaper report states. The Argentine Nation.

The Venezuelans, who were family, uncle and niece, were traveling in a white Ford Ka that was one of the cars rammed by the 56-year-old customs logistics businessman Roberto Patricelli, who was driving a BMW M3 under the influence of alcohol more than twice the maximum speed on that section of the avenue, which is 70km/h, says La Nación.

Juan Márquez died at the Pirovano hospital, where he had been admitted with a head injury and other serious injuries. His niece, Yeinsmar, died at the Fernández Hospital; she had also suffered a head injury. Both had been trapped in the Ford Ka.

“Juan Márquez worked as a pastry chef in a renowned chain of cakes and sweets. Same job as his girlfriend, who was traveling on the passenger side, with her seat belt on, ”Jesus Belisario, brother-in-law of two Ford Ka passengers, tells the Argentine newspaper at the door of the Fernández hospital.

Yeinsmar Márquez and Juan Marques suffered head injuries and were trapped in the ford ka vehicle. Photography: Twitter

Some relatives of the fatalities and the wounded analyzed the possibility of traveling to Argentina. “We are hoping that, at least, they communicate with us from the Venezuelan Embassy in Argentina to give us some kind of help with the transfers, but so far we have not received any kind of communication,” says Belisario.

Medics worked together with firefighters and police personnel to rescue the injured who were trapped in the vehicles. A crane and other tools were used to free them.

“The other nine injured were also transferred to Pirovano, Rivadavia and Fernández. There are still two injured hospitalized in the Fernández Hospital: one of them is hospitalized in intensive care with head trauma. And another male is stable, under observation. Three adults were discharged from the Rivadavia Hospital this Monday morning. While a minor is going to be referred to the Güemes Sanatorium, although he is also out of danger. The rest of the wounded are in the Pirovano, but their lives are not at risk. They are wounded of different consideration”, add the sources consulted by La Nación.

The expert reports are already in the hands of the assistant prosecutor Alejandro Pellicori, of the North Area No. 7 Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office of the Buenos Aires Public Ministry, who will question Patricelli this Tuesday afternoon, who is detained at the 14C Neighborhood Police Station. City and was charged with the crime of double aggravated manslaughter.

The accident

The vehicle driven by Patricelli got on the boulevard that separates both directions of traffic. “At first, the BMW collided with the left side of a Peugeot 207, but out of control due to the speed with which it was traveling at the time of the events, it also rammed head-on against the white Ford Ka driven by Márquez,” adds a source. Police to the Nation.

The sequence continued. “The BMW car and the Ford Ka, where five people were traveling, were wedged and rotated counterclockwise. The vehicle driven by Patricelli collided with its right side against the metal columns of the digital ring camera gantry of the Buenos Aires government, and the Ford Ka, where Juan Márquez was at the wheel, impacted with its left side against the front part of a vehicle brand Toyota”, say police sources. In that impact, the Ka ended up overturned and shattered.

In the Peugeot 207 were a man and a woman. In the Toyota RAV, two women -who got out of the vehicle by their own means, walking-; in the Ford Ka, in addition to the two fatalities, were four other people (among them, Marianny, the driver’s girlfriend, and Yeinsmar’s father), while two women were traveling with Patricelli.

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