Two UCV guards were arrested for theft

Five alleged members of a criminal group that commits thefts at the facilities of the Central University of Venezuela were captured by agents of the Bolivarian National Police, reported the director of that security force, Elio Estrada Paredes, through his instagram account.

The police chief specified that two of those captured are identified as Yonaiker Montiel and José Bonilla, who perform security duties at the UCV. In fact, the cards they carried contain the initials DSE. Apparently it is a security company dependent on the rectory through the Security Department of the house of studies.

The other three detainees are: Michel Toledo, Kelvin García and Roberth Aguilera. The five were captured inside the indoor gym of the UCV, according to the report prepared by members of the PNB Botanical Garden Police Station, Estrada Paredes said.

At the scene, the uniformed officers seized a series of materials that they presume were stolen from the companies that renovate the UCV, including sewers, pipes, perimeter fences, and a blue Ford Pick Up vehicle.

The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry

The agents of the Botanical Garden Police Station maintain a continuous patrol in the areas previously agreed with the Ucevista authorities. And in case of observing a crime in flagrante, they proceed to arrest those involved, as happened on this occasion, an officer explained.

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