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Two trees fall among a crowd at a bus stop in Havana

MIAMI, United States.- Two trees fell this afternoon among a crowd of people at a stop in the Parque de la Fraternidad in Havana, according to several videos on social networks.

The news was confirmed by the Miami-based Cuban journalist Mario J. Pentón, however, so far there is not much more information about the event.

“In front of the computing palace in Havana,” wrote a Twitter user along with the hashtag #CubaPaLaCalle and a video in which the second tree can be seen falling in the midst of dozens of people. In the images you can see the trunk of another already on the floor.

“And now a tree falls in the middle of a public road, it is not known if there are injuries… without words about Cuba,” wrote the user Rafa on the Twitter social network.

“The tree in Parque de la Fraternidad fell, the one on route P14. It’s one after the other,” Jesús Dannys Perez said on Facebook.


Cuban official journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso said that “three people were injured when a tree fell in Havana. They are two minors and one adult.

The injured “are treated at the Centro Habana Pediatric and the Calixto García. There is no danger to their lives because these are minor injuries,” he added.

According to Alonso, the incident occurred at the intersection of Reina and Amistad streets.


News in development…

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