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Two teenagers drowned on a beach in Santiago de Cuba

MIAMI, United States. – Two Cuban teenagers drowned in Playa Sardinero, Santiago de Cuba province, after being dragged by a sea current, according to the official newspaper on Tuesday. Granma.

According to the report, the incident occurred around 11:00 in the morning on Monday, April 18. The deceased are Elio Febrier Sain Felix, 15 years old, and Elizabeth Cisneros Bou, 17 years old. Both lived in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

According to the report of eyewitnesses, this Monday the two teenagers enjoyed with their family in the small spa located on the east coast of the city of Santiago. “Everything indicates that around noon the minors were dragged by a sea current that caused their death,” he details. Granma.

According to that medium, authorities of the criminal investigation body of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) in the province continued the investigative process on Tuesday to clarify the causes of the tragic event.

Although the note from the official media is concise, Aris Arias Batalla, head of Operations and Relief of the Provincial Health Directorate of Santiago de Cuba, offered more details about the event on Facebook.

According to Arias Batalla, three youths and four adolescents were involved. The unfortunate event occurred in an undeclared bathing area, in Sardinero Beach, that source specifies.

In addition to the two fatalities, José Carlos Lasaga Bou, 29 years old, and Yarelis Olivares de la Cruz, 17 years old, were affected, who were urgently transferred to the “Josué País” Polyclinic with the diagnosis of “incomplete drowning”. ”, indicated Arias Battle.

Likewise, Yelsandri Caballero Acosta, 12 years old and with the same diagnosis, was transferred to the South Children’s Hospital by his relatives.

Finally, Ángel Bou Tejeda, 38, was not injured.

While José Carlos and Yelsandri Caballero remain under observation without danger to their lives, the rest of those affected were discharged after a check-up and medical evaluation.

According to Ángel Bou Tejeda, a relative of the deceased, the entire group was bathing in an area where they could stand “when suddenly they felt something dragging them to where they could no longer stand. It all happened very quickly.”

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