Two schools suspend face-to-face classes due to cases of Covid-19

Two schools suspend face-to-face classes due to cases of Covid-19

At least two educational units in the Santa Cruz capital have been forced to suspend face-to-face classes due to detection of positive cases of Covid-19 among students. The departmental deputy director of Education, José Luis Balderrama, asked parents andbe attentive to the health of schoolchildren to make an early detection of any disease.

Beatriz Suárez, director of the Fe y Alegría Aniceto Arce school (morning shift), reported that in this establishment it was determined suspend face-to-face activities for two weeks, starting May 17because they confirmed two positive cases of Covid-19 among the students.

A similar situation arose in the Franciscan educational center, located in District 3 of education, where the boys had to resume virtual classes due to the confirmation of a positive case of Covid-19. “SIt happened about a month agoand the students they returned to classes via Zoom for a few days,” said Carolina Chacón, mother of two elementary school students.

The departmental deputy director of Education revealed that, officially, only one case was known. “Detection was made in the second filter (the school) and, with timely detection, changed from the face-to-face modality to the distance modality to the course where the confirmed case was,” he said, pointing out that this process is part of the established protocol, once the mapping is done and no other infected is reported, the students must return to the classroom.

For her part, the director of Fe y Alegría Aniceto Arce reported that “he is a young man from the secondary level, whose sister (who also tested positive) studies in the afternoon shift. For this reason, it was decided to change from the face-to-face modality to the distance modality for all the courses of the establishment.”, assured the director.

The high school student, actually did not attend classes since May 12, because her mother underwent surgery and asked permission to take care of her siblings. She was the father of the minor who alerted about his son’s condition, when he presented the symptoms. “The test was carried out and both he and his sister tested positiveSuarez commented.

It is suspected that students have contracted the disease outside the classroomsince in the educational unit the filters and Biosafety measures have been maintained since the beginning of school management.

“In this the school board has helped us a lot, with the provision of alcohol and chinstraps. No student can be in the classroom without their respective mask and those who do not bring from home, one is provided here. Each course has a liter of alcohol available per dayfor the disinfection of the teacher and students, both at the entrance and after recess “, detailed the director.

Also, it was known that disinfection is carried out at least three times a week of furniture and infrastructure with quaternary ammonium. Moreover, as part of these measures, three vaccination campaigns have also been carried out since the start of classes.

They ask to reinforce filters

Balderrama clarified that in case two, three or more cases are detected, the biosafety commission must intervene made up of the director, the Headquarters, the reference health center and evaluate if it is feasible to suspend face-to-face activities throughout the educational unit, to carry out a day of cleaning, disinfection and continue with the mapping, in the face of a possible increase in cases positives.

The priority is the safety and health of children and colleagues. That is why we ask parents, who are the first filter, to strengthen their children’s defenses and be aware of the symptoms. to prevent complications and the spread of any disease. We must not forget that we are in cold weather and many pathologies are confused, ”she warned.

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