Two retired police officers are sentenced for the death of a university student in September 1973

The visiting minister for cases of human rights violations during the dictatorship, Alvaro Mesasentenced two retired police officers for the crime against the university student, Daniel Mauricio Sepulveda Contreras (23), in September 1973.

The young man, at the time of his murder, was doing his professional practice (he was in his last year of Pedagogy at the University of Chile) as a Chemistry teacher at a high school in Pitrufquén, La Araucanía region.

In this context, Sepúlveda was in a pension in Toltén, when he was arrested by the police, Carlos Hernan Moreno Mena Y Juan Alfonso Prado Ponce, who transferred him to the stables of the Fifth Police Station in Pitrufquén, where he was beaten, tortured and murdered.


The visiting minister sentenced the former and current retired Carabineros commander, Carlos Hernán Moreno Mena (75), to 13 years in prison for being the author of qualified homicide.

Meanwhile, the retired first sergeant, Juan Alfonso Prado Ponce (79), was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime of illegal detention.

Likewise, the treasury was sentenced to compensation of 200 million pesos for non-pecuniary damage to the victim’s brothers.

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