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Two people arrested for the murder of a young man accused of thief

The Police arrested two people allegedly involved in the murder of a 25-year-old man who was lynched by a group of people after accusing him of being a thief, in an incident that occurred in Lezica.

The murder occurred on the night of April 23. Around 9:00 p.m., a group of 10 people chased the victim, who hid in a house to try to save himself. However, the attacking group detected him and dealt him several blows with an iron, stab wounds and a bullet shot in the arm.

The police went to the site and found the person lying on Domingo Basso street, in the Leziva neighborhood. He was immediately transferred to Saint Bois Hospital, where he finally died hours later.

The murder of the alleged criminal.

In the medical check-up, the health personnel found that the man had multiple stab wounds, among which two stab wounds stand out in the single abdominal pneumothorax. This, in addition to the bullet that he presented in one of his upper limbs.

In accordance with Telemundo, the root of the violent acts was an attempted robbery that occurred about 200 meters from where the victim was killed. A group of people was having a barbecue and the deceased tried to rob a member of it, but all the others prevented him, followed him and killed him.

Agents from the Investigations Department of Operational Zone IV identified the aggressors and carried out several raids this Friday. The detainees hid when they found out what they were looking for, but intelligence work pinned them down and they were finally captured in Luis Batlle Berres and Yugoslavia.
The detainees, father and son, 41 and 21 years old, respectively, will be brought to testify before the 3rd Shift Homicide Prosecutor, Adriana Edelman.

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