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Two opposition members of Unamos are sentenced to nine years in prison

Two opposition members of Unamos are sentenced to nine years in prison

The Ortega justice found guilty and sentenced the members of the Renewing Democratic Union (Unamos), Raul Oporta Leon Y Orlando Arturo Campos Correafor the alleged crimes of illegal transport of drugs and illegal possession of weapons.

The Sandinista judge Félix Ernesto Salmerón, head of the Fifth Criminal Trial District Court of Managua, was the one who prosecuted and issued the ruling against both opponents, who were arbitrarily detained on September 4.

The accusation of the Prosecutor’s Office, posted on the Nicarao electronic system of the Judiciary, ensures that the arrest of the members of Unamos took place at 10:30 in the morning of September 5 at the El Zapote junction in the municipality of Nueva Guinea, where there was a police checkpoint.

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It also details that Raúl Oporta León and Orlando Arturo Campos Correa were found a bag containing five packages of cocaine and two weapons, a shotgun type, after having searched the vehicle they were transporting.

Leader of Unamos Raúl Oporta León. Photo: Courtesy

Prosecutor Ruth Paola Alemán stressed in her accusation, riddled with contradictions, that Raúl Oporta, at the time of his arrest, was carrying a pistol, while Campos carried a revolver.

The “fabricated” accusation was denied by both opponents, who stressed before the court that they are victims of a setup prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police of the Ortega regime.

“We do not own those weapons, nor that vehicle. I emphasize that I am aware of the set-up they did to us,” said Orlando Campos during the trial against him.

In addition, in the trial both members of Unamos revealed that the police officers questioned them only about political issues related to the organization to which they belong.

One of the marchers who came from Nueva Guinea to San Miguelito to reject the expropriation of their lands with #CanalNi. This is the message that he sends to Comandante Ortega, under the fixed gaze of General Sandino.

Posted by Alvaro Navarro on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In the judicial farce against Raúl Oporta León and Orlando Arturo Campos Correa, seven police officers participated as witnesses, including Commissioner Domingo Padilla Dávila, head of the Zelaya Central police station.

According to Unamos, opposition member Raúl Oporta was arbitrarily detained on the afternoon of September 4 at his home, located in Nueva Guinea. While the Ortega Police arrested Orlando Campos that same day when he was at his wife’s house in Juigalpa, Chontales.

Campos is an agricultural engineer and was a professor at universities on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. He has belonged to the political group for more than 13 years, participating as an active member of the National Council in defense of land, lake and sovereignty.

The opponent Orlando Arturo Campos Correa. Photo: Courtesy

For his part, Oporta is also highly recognized in the area because for many years he worked for non-governmental organizations that supported different communities with projects and donations.

Despite the manhunt against its members, Unamos affirms that it will continue to demand democracy and the freedom of political prisoners. «We will not rest in our fight until we see them free in the embrace of their families and that of our entire party. We will not rest until we see all political prisoners free. We will not rest until we achieve democracy, justice, truth and a better life for all. We will not rest until we turn our dreams into reality », they refer to him.

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