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Two new femicides are reported in Cuba: 30 women murdered so far this year

MADRID, Spain.- Two new murders due to gender violence in Cuba were reported on May 26. The victims are the 21-year-old Daniela Thalia Tasse Arias, a resident of Bayamo, Granma province, and Tomasa, a 60-year-old woman who lived in the Luyanó neighborhood of Havana.

According to what they told the journalist Alberto Arego sources close to Daniela Thalia, the girl was killed by her 19-year-old ex-boyfriend.

“They were already left. It was out of jealousy. He beat her, they say about her, and she went back to him and he killed her today (Thursday),” the source said.

The young woman worked at the “Luis Marcano Álvarez” Educational Center.

Hundreds of friends and family have expressed their shock through social media.

“We all regret your loss, many strengths for the people who love you, especially your mommy”; “My girl, what pain you leave us. So full of life. psd. We will always remember you my adviser”; read in comments to the publication on Facebook of his cousin, Daniel Aguilera Arias.


The murder of Tomasa was denounced by YoSíTeCreo in Cuba.

“We regret the femicide of Tomasa, who as far as we have been able to go could be of the last name Vargas, in the early morning of May 24, in Luyanó, Havana. Tomasa, around 60 years old, was attacked by her partner, ”the feminist platform reported.

YoSíTeCreo in Cuba conveyed its condolences to Tomasa’s family.


With these two new crimes, the number of femicides registered in Cuba so far in 2023 rises to 30, a figure that almost equals those registered in 2022, the year in which 34 fatalities due to gender violence were verified.

Given the wave of femicides in the country and the state of defenselessness in which women find themselves, feminist platforms they keep asking the regime —without obtaining a response— a series of demands that protect women from sexist violence.

Among these demands are the definition of the specific crime of femi(ni)cide; Creation of shelters and rescue systems for women and their children in danger; Legalization of activism; and a Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence.

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