Two miners killed in recent days in Norte de Santander

Two miners killed in recent days in Norte de Santander

The mining sector of Norte de Santander has lost two coal mine workersone of them in the municipality of El Zulia where the explosion took place, there c14 miners remain trapped.

The victim was identified as Fabio García, 37 years old. and had been working for two years Mestiza mine, father of two children ages 2 and 7.

His wife Adelaida Contreras told RCN Mundo “I was sure that my husband was saved, because he was the only one not to be trapped inside the sinkhole, He was in charge of pulling the cart with which they took out the coal”.

In context: Mine where 14 workers are trapped was closed for a year due to ventilation problems

the man suffered burns over 80% of your body and his urgent transfer to Bogotá was required, which was not possible.

The miner was in the tunnel entrance when the explosion occurred, but the same wave expelled it several meters, causing serious injuries to his body.

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Another mining accident in Norte de Santander

The other incident occurred in the Carbones Arizona mine, located on the road that communicates with the municipality of San Cayetano, rockfall ended the life of a worker.

In the meantime, Progress is made in the rescue of 14 miners trapped in the La Meztiza minebut the expansion of gases, rains and landslides prevent the rescue of the miners.

Gerson Hoyos secretary of health of the municipality of El Zulia told RCN Mundo “The rescue work will be restored in the early hours of this Wednesday but it has been complicated by the depth of the sinkholethe gas continues to expand and there is a risk of landslides with the personnel who participate in the rescue work”.

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