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Two men lose their lives in a traffic accident this Monday, in Managua

Two men lose their lives in a traffic accident this Monday, in Managua

Four people lost their lives in traffic accidents registered this weekend, two more victims joined this Monday morning. Two motorcyclists, two pedestrians, two drivers and a passenger are reported among the deceased.

This Monday morning in the Jardines de Veracruz sector, in Managua, two men lost their lives when the vehicle in which they were traveling was hit. They were identified as Domingo González, 42, director of the Ekatombe troupe, and Rodrerick Paul McDonald, 52, the latter of American nationality.

The alleged person responsible for the road incident, who was driving in the company of two other people, fled the scene, however hours later he was identified by a video from a nearby location that recorded the events. The murderer responds to the name of Abnner Lenin Escobar, 35 years old. The Police investigate the fact to determine the responsibility of the driver and his companions.

Other Road Victims

Two men lose their lives in a traffic accident this Monday, in Managua

Over the weekend there were road mishaps that claimed the lives of two motorcyclists, one identified as Ronmel Castillo Morales, 27 years old. He lost control of the vehicle, early Sunday morning, when he was traveling on the Susucayán highway, El Jícaro, in the department of Nueva Segovia. The other road incident occurred in the Los Angeles neighborhood, in the city of Río Blanco. The victim was an 18-year-old boy who responded to the name of Giovanni Gaitán Mendoza, he lost control of his motorcycle, hitting a checkpoint.

Two pedestrians also joined the list of tragedies on the roads, one of them perished in the Waspan Norte neighborhood, in the capital, it is Edmundo Sandoval Alvarado, 87 years old. This man was hit by a motorcycle, driven by David Castellón, 37, similarly lost his life this Sunday Fernando González Franco, 47. He was found lifeless in a region of Masaya. Witnesses affirm that his body had tire marks on the body, for which they presume he was run over, in both cases it has not been determined if they occurred due to pedestrian imprudence.

A 41-year-old mechanic, identified as Mauricio Misael Rodríguez, died after the truck in which he was traveling had a tire explode, causing the vehicle to roll over on the road until it was overturned. The deceased was traveling with a companion, who survived. and was taken to a nearby hospital, the event occurred this past Sunday on the San Carlos highway, Río San Juan.

The latest report from the traffic specialty of the Police, dated June 6, details that in the previous week there were 731 road accidents, with a balance of 12 deaths, seven of them passengers.

The causes, according to the Police, were drunk driving, pedestrian recklessness and speeding.

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