Two men are captured for stealing $25 million from an older adult in Suba

Two men are captured for stealing $25 million from an older adult in Suba

A new fact of insecurity was registered in Bogotá when Two men intimidated an older adult with a firearm in the town of Suba, to the northwest of the city, to steal a sum of money close to $25 million and two high-end cell phones.

The authorities, who received the alert call to 123, carried out a lockdown plan with the support of the patrols, which led to the capture of these people a couple of blocks ahead of the scene.

“The victim provided us with detailed information on the characteristics of the criminals and immediately the entire search and location was generated by the quadrant”, said Colonel Wilson Urrego, inspection officer of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police.

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According to details provided by the institution, the attackers were traveling on a motorcycle and intercepted the victim in the vicinity of the street 137 with race 106, where they stripped him of his belongings.

After his capture, a revolver, money and other belongings of the older adult were seized, who was not injured in the middle of the robbery.

“At the moment of finding these people, it is verified that they have in their possession a firearm and $25 million that had been stolen from the victim. The subjects were captured and left at the disposal of the competent authority,” added Officer Urrego.

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The authorities confirmed that the victim moved alone through this sector when the criminals attacked him. Those captured will be left at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office and They will be charged with the crimes of illegal possession of firearms and theft.

Added to this fact, the Bogotá Metropolitan Police reported the capture of four more men in the town of Chapinero, who presumably belong to a gang dedicated to the theft of cell phones.

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“These four people previously they stole $200 thousand and a cell phone from a citizen, it is about a gang that commits crimes in this locality”, explained Colonel Wilson Urrego.

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