Two members of the Las Delicias criminal group killed

Two members of the Las Delicias criminal group killed

Agents of the National Anti-extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) carried out a deployment in the La Sabana sector, Andrés Bello municipality (San José de Barlovento), where they killed two members of the Las Delicias criminal group.

The victims are known by the nicknames of El Chino and El Niño, who allegedly participated in the murder of police officer Israel Lasay Burguillos Ramos, which occurred on April 24.

The corpse of Burguillo Ramos, with his throat slashed and shot multiple times, was located last Sunday morning in the La Defensa sector of the aforementioned Mirandino municipality. There are four arrested for that homicide.

El Chino and El Niño fired a Walter Ppk pistol, caliber 7.65 mm, and a Smith & Wesson revolver, caliber 38 mm.

The procedure was notified to the Public Ministry.

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