Two members of the Clan del Golfo were killed in combat with the Army in Antioquia

Two members of the Clan del Golfo were killed in combat with the Army in Antioquia

In confrontations between the Fourth Brigade of the National Army and the Clan del Golfo, they were killed two members of that criminal group in the rural area of ​​the village Puntas de Ocaidó, in Urrao, Antioquia.

The combat, which took place in a wooded area, was with the Carlos Vásquez substructure of the Clan del Golfo, whose ringleader is known to the authorities by the alias ‘Patiño’, as confirmed by Brigadier General Juan Carlos Fajardo González, commander of the Fourth National Army Brigade.

“Our troops entered into combat with members of the Carlos Vázquez substructure of the Clan del Golfo Organized Armed Group. seized long-range and short-range weapons, abundant ammunition, suppliers and communication equipment, among others”General Fajardo indicated.

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For now it is known that due to the crossfire, the peasant communities in the area of ​​that municipality in Southwest Antioquia are confined for fear and that operations continue in the place.

The Fourth Brigade reported that the reason why operations continue this Saturday in the area is to stabilize public order in this region. On the other hand, he reported that through intelligence personnel, there is information about what this armed group intended to do in the area.

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“Military intelligence information indicates that this commission intended to perpetrate a terrorist attack in this municipality, in order to take control of the area, to carry out activities related to drug trafficking and extortion of merchants and peasants in the region,” explained the commander of the Fourth Brigade of the National Army.

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