10-year-old girl dies after being shot

Two killed in the El 70 neighborhood

Two members of a criminal group that operates in the El 70 neighborhood, El Valle parish, Caracas, were killed after confronting police officers this Saturday, according to sources from security organizations.

Through a saturation operation with the participation of the Bolivarian National Police and Caracas Police, armed subjects began an exchange of shots, killing two of them, whose identity is being verified.

A third subject was also killed in El Cementerio, where Policaracas agents were. One of the uniformed men was shot in the chest but was unharmed due to the use of a bulletproof vest.

They presume that the victims are part of the criminal group led by Jonaiker El Cara Cortada, who is the replacement for Leonardo José Polanco Angulo, alias the crazy leokilled on August 4, 2021 in Parque Caiza.

El Loco Leo was found in that sector of the Sucre municipality (Miranda), since July 8, 2021 when the operation Gran Cacique Guaicaipuro I evicted the criminal structure that operated there from Cota 905. A year and a half after that operation, gangs allied to the leaders of that old organization intend to retake their spaces in the southwest of Caracas, which includes El Cementerio, Los Laureles, El Valle and La Vega, among others.

Exactly three days ago, PNB agents they seized 21 panelas of cocaine that he had mobilized people close to Garbys Ochoa, alias El Garbys, who was one of the leaders of Cota 905.

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