UN condemns the assassination of Mayangna leader Bernabé Palacios

Two indigenous Mayangnas murdered in less than four days in Nicaragua

In less than 4 days, two indigenous people from the Mayangna Sauni As community lost their lives. The second deceased was identified as 23-year-old Serato Juwith Charly, from the Kauhmakwas community. The first victim was a 38-year-old ranger who died in a Rosita hospital after being the victim of an armed attack last Sunday.

Serrato Judith, 23, was also a park ranger. He was killed in the area near the Wilu community, the village that was burned by settlers months ago. The deceased was hunting, along with other indigenous people, when he was kidnapped and later murdered. This is detailed in a statement from the Prilaka Foundation.

The Fundación del Río also echoed these complaints. The president of this environmental Organization, Amaru Ruíz, calls for the protection of community members.

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Call to the international community

The representatives of the Prilaka Foundation call on the international community to condemn these acts of violence that, they assure, is due to an intention of forced displacement and the attempt to dispossess them of their territories.

They also denounce that with these invasions and attacks, the food security of the community members who are prevented from fishing and hunting are put at risk.

This Friday morning, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) condemned the murders of the two indigenous leaders. They point out that one of the crimes was preceded by a kidnapping.

«The Office calls on the State to investigate and find those responsible for these attacks, establish actions to prevent these events from happening again, and guarantee the rights of the victims and their families, to whom we express our solidarity.»details the organization, through its Twitter account.

In a recent interview for Mongobay Latamthe Nicaraguan journalist and filmmaker Camilo de Castro Belli, assured that «there is a policy aimed at forcing indigenous peoples to renounce their rights and their ancestral land in Nicaragua».

According to the data presented by the journalist, during the filming, in our country, since 2012, some 70 community members, forest rangers and Mayangnas have been murdered. 40% of these crimes were recorded after 2018, when the Indio Maíz reserve was burned.

On several occasions, leaders of indigenous communities have denounced the intention of settlers who enter their territories armed to strip them of their property. The indigenous people also suffer the persecution of the Ortega regime. Four of them remain in prison since 2021.

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