Two flavor illiterate took off their black apron in MasterChef

Two flavor illiterate took off their black apron in MasterChef

this thursday in Master Chef Celebrity the famous arrived with all the attitude to face a new challenge. In this case, Tatán Mejía should not cook, since he won in the previous chapter thanks to a coffee dessert.

The participants had to present two dishes, one traditional and one innovative. To do this, they had to prepare with a type of grain, that is, between beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas.

Since Tatán had won in the previous challenge, he decided which grain would go to each team. However, today they gave the contestants good news, they had to make the groups.

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This is how the groups were left with each of the grains:

1. Cristina Campuzano Y Manuela Gonzalez they had to cook with lentils
two. Ramiro Meneses Y Aida Morales with beans
3. corozo Y Estiward they got peas
Four. boy Y Carlos Baez the chickpeas

Now, Isabella Santiago did not have to cook, because Tatán had to choose a famous person to be with him behind the scenes. Not being able to participate in this time, he is left without the opportunity to remove the black apron.

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