Two Dgcim officials arrested for the death of a Cicpc who was detained

Two Dgcim officials arrested for the death of a Cicpc who was detained

A Cicpc official, arrested on July 5 for a complaint of aggravated corruption, suffocated to death after being submerged in a water pipe at the Dgcim headquarters in San Fernando de Apure

The authorities are investigating the death of detective Juan Ángel Pantoja, from the Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistics Investigation Corps (Cicpc), who had been detained in the dungeons of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim) of San Fernando de Apure since last 5 this month for a complaint of aggravated corruption.

For this fact, officials Yarumy Rafael Figueroa and José Carlos Flores Pérez, attached to the Dgcim, were arrested.

Pantoja’s body was found on Thursday, July 7 in the morning hours in a water pipe at the Dgcim-Biruaca headquarters. Journalist Javier Ignacio Mayorcaspecialized in criminalistics, reported through his Twitter account that Pantoja “had food remains in his mouth” and that according to the minute, the autopsy determined that the Cicpc official died of suffocation after being submerged.

The forensic examination also revealed signs of possible torture.

The police report specifies that when Juan Ángel Pantoja was transferred to the Cicpc headquarters to be reviewed, he informed his colleagues that he was being tortured in the Dgcim; but nothing was done about it.

After hearing the news of Pantoja’s death, Cicpc-San Fernando commissions went to the Dgcim headquarters, but they were not allowed to enter, says the police report.

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