Cerro BSP

Two criminals were raping a BPS officer when a police officer intervened, killing one and injuring the other

A criminal was killed by a police officer while trying to rob the car of an officer of the Social Security Bank (BPS) in Cerro, Montevideo.

According to the journalist from Underlined, Diego Píriz, the agent was serving 222 when he noticed that two antisocials were trying to steal the vehicle in the vicinity of the BPS located on the streets of Japan and Greece

The BPS officer left the branch and headed to his car when he was approached by criminals, prompting the officer to intervene. As a result of the incident, an exchange of fire was generated between the criminals and the police, in which the thief was injured. One of the shots hit the subject in the chest, who died a few minutes later from the bullet.

On the other hand, the police managed to apprehend the second criminal, who also suffered an injury. According to Telemundo, the wounded man was transferred to the Cerro Cooridnado Center to provide him with medical assistance. The Scientific Police moved to the scene to work on the site.

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