Two citizens sentenced to 22 years in prison aggravated robbery and aggravated sexual violation of migrants

The brothers Riquelme and Rodolfo Flaco were sentenced to 22 years in prison and as an accessory penalty they were disqualified from exercising public functions for a term of two years, this after they were found guilty of committing the crimes of aggravated robbery and aggravated sexual violation. , to the detriment of five Cuban migrants.

The Darién Regional Prosecutor’s Office managed to get the District Trial Court to impose the sentence. During the hearing, the Oral Trial Coordinator Prosecutor, José David Sánchez, confirmed the criminal responsibility of those sentenced through testimonial, expert and documentary evidence that was considered by the Court as important elements for the imposition of the sentence.

The incident occurred on January 12, 2021, on the road that leads between Bajo Chiquito and Nuevo Vigía, in the Emberá Wounaan Comarca, when the migrants were intercepted by those sentenced who, through violence and intimidation, stripped them of their belongings and perpetrated the crime. of sexual abuse against one of the migrants.

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