They located two skulls near the Aragua railway

Two arrested in triple murder

Two subjects were detained by the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) for their alleged participation in the murder of three people, which occurred last Sunday in Santa Rosa de Ceiba Mocha, a rural area of ​​Valle de la Pascua, Guárico, said a military source.

The first detainees for this act are identified as Israel Antonio Correa Yánez and Dirwis Jonathan Yánez, who were captured in the Santa Rosa sector of the aforementioned city of Guariqueña.

Two white weapons and a Bera BR-150 motorcycle plate AM5F57V were seized from the subjects. According to intelligence sources, the detainees are related to criminal case No. K-22-0448-00097 dated 05-15-22, opened in the Investigations Hub of the Cicpc Valle de la Pascua Delegation, for triple homicide.

According to the initial inquiries, last Sunday morning three individuals arrived on a motorcycle at the Santa Rosa de Ceiba Mocha farmhouse. And in one of the houses they forced the victims to kneel and shot them in the head, a situation that caused instant death. The murderers fled without taking anything.

The deceased are identified as María Josefina Herrera Hernández (26), José Gregorio Herrera Navas (52) and Moisés David Villegas (24).

Neighbors discovered the bodies in the morning hours and notified the police authorities. Cicpc agents lifted the bodies and admitted them to the Rafael Zamora Arévalo hospital located in Valle de la Pascua.

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