Two arrested for stealing lighting in Plaza Miranda in Lara

Two arrested for stealing lighting in Plaza Miranda in Lara

Ángel R. Moreno León and Miguel R Oropeza Álvarez were arrested in flagrante delicto, stealing part of the ornamentation and public lighting in Miranda square in Lara state (Barquisimeto), this Tuesday, July 4.

The procedure was carried out by officials of the Police attached to the Mayor’s Office of the Iribarren Municipality (Barquisimeto) under the command of Mayor Luis Jonás Reyes Flores.

Moreno León, 52, already has two police records for generic theft.

Oropeza Álvarez, 38, upon noticing the police presence, tried to flee the place, both being hit a few meters away.

Both subjects were found: 01 metal knob belonging to the lectern that holds the legend in Plaza Miranda, a metal pickaxe with a rubber handle, a sack containing two LED-type JK brand reflector lamps, each with a metal tube base, according to institutional note.

In the police investigation, it was verified that they belong to the ornamentation and public lighting system of the square, for which reason the troops in municipal work proceeded to notify the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the apprehension of both citizens.

The detainees were transferred to the Daniel Camejo Acosta Type II Urban Ambulatory where they were treated by doctors on duty, in order to record that they did not present recent physical injuries, and later transferred to the headquarters of the General Command of the Municipal Police.

The Iribarren Municipality Police Force calls on the citizens of Barquisimeto to denounce similar acts that harm the security and public property of all the inhabitants, so they can contact the General Command: 0251 – 2550775, they also make mobile numbers available for three areas of service.

For the service area, number one that corresponds to the eastern area of ​​Barquisimeto dial 0424-5470511, the other number (downtown area) is 0416-1238502 and the third (western area) 0426-2859583.

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