#TwitterSpace: Militarization in Mexico, is there another one?

#TwitterSpace: Militarization in Mexico, is there another one?

The same week in which the announcement was made by the Executive, in several Mexican entities there were days of violence.

Since Tuesday, August 9, in Guanajuato, Jalisco, Baja California and Michoacán violent events have been spun with the burning of public transport buses, private vehicles and commercial establishments as a pattern.

Chihuahua was added to these states. On Thursday, August 11, Ciudad Juárez experienced the most violent day of the week, registering a balance of 11 deaths. These were acts perpetrated against the population attributed to the criminal group “Los Mexicles”.

Faced with this reality, we invite you to participate in the #TwitterSpace “Militarization in Mexico, is there any other?”, in which specialists on the subject will participate.

One of them is Tito Garza Onofre, professor at the Monterrey Free Law School. Author of the books Alternative history of the legal profession (Editorial Fontamara) and Between lawyers you see yourself. Multidisciplinary approach around the practice of law (Institute of Legal Research). He has also written various articles, essays and presentations related to issues of law, electoral justice, ethics and the defense of human rights.

The meeting will feature Lilian Chapa Koloffon, public policy analyst and evaluator specializing in public security policies and violence prevention. She has conducted design and performance evaluations of programs deployed in troubled cities jointly by federal, state, and local governments, academic institutions, and international aid agencies in northern Mexico and Honduras. Recently, she led a research team that conducted an assessment of criminal justice institutions in two post-conflict Colombian cities.

The dialogue will be conducted by Mariel Ibarra, editor of Politics in Expansion and columnist Carlos Bravo Regidor, at 7:00 p.m. through the following links:



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