Twitter will auction items to raise funds

Twitter will auction items to raise funds

After the recent purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk He made a series of decisions in order to reduce operating costs of his company. Among these measures, the millionaire opted to fire about half of the company’s staffan action that provoked great criticism from a group of former employees, who did not hesitate to file a lawsuit, for the massive layoffs and the violation of labor rights.

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Also, the new owner of the social network has announced a series of transformations at its headquarters, which is located in San Francisco (USA).

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There he will hold an auction with various elements that are part of the place. One of those ‘jewels’ is a statue of a blue bird, a pot in the shape of a @ (at sign)a projector, iMac screens, espresso machines and a charging station for electric bikes.

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This bid will give start on January 17, 2023 virtually, and the prices of these items are estimated to range between 25 and 50 dollars.

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